Stainless steel miner water swivel

MWS-24 Miner Waterline Inline Swivel

All Stainless Steel, 1000 PSI, With 1 1/2″ FPT Connections

Our specialized miner waterline swivel is manufactured by HPS here in West Virginia.  It is comprised of a double grooved ball bearing housing assembly which allows it to continuously swivel in either direction and minimize miner waterline kinking.  For lubricity and supreme corrosion resistance, we lubricate the components with a water insoluable calcium sulfonate marine grease.

Compact 59 series 90 degree swivels

59UB-8-8 and 59UB-4-4 compact swivels, popular for use on continuous miner head jacks and pan jacks.

59UB-12-12 Shortened Swivel Under Pressure Elbow

Shortened 59UB series 90 degree swivel

Shortened 59UB-12-12 swivel, for use on roof bolter for drill pot clearance.

Standard 59 Series Adapter Info