CNC Machining Services

We provide precision machining capabilities to meet our customer’s most stringent specifications with unmatched service and support

CNC Machining

In 1984, HPS began to manufacture hydraulic adapters to supplement our hose and fitting product lines. Many times, we had need of adapters that were in short supply, or special fittings that were simply unavailable. Anytime the need would arise, creative processes were used to allow us to manufacture the item to our customer’s stringent design requirements.

Through the years since, HPS has been able to expand our ability to manufacture items not related to our original product offerings.

Our capabilities include CNC milling and turning in all materials including stainless and carbon steel, cobalt, aluminum, copper, bronze, Delrin, urethane, HPDM and PVC.

Below are examples of just some of the products we have made for various customers. Should you have any need for machined products at competitive prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Bring us your challenges!

flash hider
Polaris razor carrier bearing housing
Engine Flywheel Adapter
Firebar fire suppression piping
Stainless steel miner water swivel
Swivel cable hanger
Staplock "y" fitting

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