Firebar fire suppression piping

Firebar Fire Suppression Piping System

Our patented quick-connected fire suppression system is ideal for belt head or belt storage unit applications and is supplied with pendant or deluge sprays. Usually made available in 7 ft. sections exceeding MSHA spacing requirements, this system can be installed or dismantled by one man, and is available in multiple sizes up to 2″.

Firebar fire suppression piping

The individual Firebars come pre-assembled and are completely reusable. Each Firebar is supplied with stainless steel male and female staplock style connections. The female connector has two available 1/2″ female NPT ports. One port is used to accommodate a pendant or deluge spray directed at the conveyor belt, and the second port can be used (if needed) to supply water to an additional remotely mounted spray to cover a starter box or head roller bearing.

All metal hose

Installation is straightforward. The top belt can be covered by a single run above and down the center of the belt. This is usually supported by a messenger wire or anchors in the mine roof. The bottom belt can be covered by one or two runs (depending on the belt width) down the side of the conveyor and can be connected to the belt structure itself. To interconnect each run, we supply extremely flexible all metal jumper hoses. These hoses are metal welded assemblies with stainless steel threaded ends and corrugated inconel inner tubes. A typical dual run “H” pattern Firebar layout is shown below:

Some installations may require flow equalization.  This can be accomplished by interconnecting the runs with jumper hoses at the ends of each run.

Additional components can be supplied as needed in a DIY package that contains everything needed for your particular application.  This can include a wye strainer, flow switch, and various mounting hardware, as pictured below.

Our HEADMASTER 2.0 zone control assembly is a unitized tamper resisitant and zone sensitive method for installation maintenance.  The unit comes complete with a diagnostic gauge, gate valve, flow switch, wye strainer with drain, test valve, and check valve; all of which is plumbed with 2″ connections.

"The Firebar fire suppression system has reduced installation cost by 75%, and our Belthead cost has been reduced because we can reuse the system....even regulatory agencies are impressed with it!"

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